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John Wood, Jr.
National Ambassador, Braver Angels
Dr. Mike Reid
Assistant Professor, UCSF; Head of San Francisco's Contact Tracing Effort
The President's Tax Returns & U.S. Tax Policy
How the Tax Code represents (or doesn't) our priorities
Renee Hobbs
Professor of Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island
Party Framing in News Coverage
How national news media frames political coverage

Book: Making the News: Politics, The Media, & Agenda Setting


Website: Regina Lawrence at University of Oregon

CA Wildfires & Cultural Fire Management
An exploration of how cultural fire management can improve CA land
Michael Anderson
Climatologist, CA Department of Water Resources
Richard John
Professor of History & Communications, Columbia University
Navigating Allyship
Supporting People of Color in the Fight for Equity
Panel: The Role of Arts in Crisis
Art, Society, & Reframing Our Perspectives
Anita Varma
Assistant Director, Journalism & Media Ethics, SCU Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Dana Sitar
Freelance Writer & Editor in Personal Finance, Careers, & Digital Media

Article: The NY Times was accused of siding with police because of ill-placed passive voice


Barry Thomas on Race in America
Professional Educator, Community Advocate & Activist, Omaha, NE


The Role of Libraries in Communities, Every Day & In Crisis
Michelle Jeffers, SFPL; Marie Ciepiela, Friends SFPL; Jaena Rae Cabrera, Librarian
The Importance of SEEing
Civity Co-Founders Malka Kopell & Palma Strand


Civity on Twitter: @ThisIsCivity

Amber Boydstun, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Davis

Article: The nonlinear effect of information on political attention: Media Storms & U.S. congressional hearings

Book: Making the News: Politics, The Media, & Agenda Setting


Michelle Ciulla Lipkin
Executive Director, National Association for Media Literacy Education


Sapna Satagopan
Co-Founder, Xyza News for Kids
Derek Wolfgram & Jenny Barnes
Redwood City Public Library
Chandra Clark
Assistant Professor of Journalism & Creative Media, The University of Alabama
Ed Beebout (SSU) & Anne Belden (SRJC)
Professors of Journalism & Communications

Sonoma State University, Department of Communication & Media Studies

Santa Rosa Junior College,. Department of Communications Studies & Journalism

John Zipperer
Vice President of Editorial, The Commonwealth Club

​Podcast Artwork by Joyce Cheng


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